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where's my car?Where’s my car?!

Having your car stolen is more than an inconvenience. If you’re like most West Australians, your vehicle is your sidekick and your assistant, and it gives you your freedom – it’s understandable that when someone steals and damages your car, you’ll feel angry, frustrated and even a little sad!

An unpleasant situation gets worse when you realise that the majority of repairers don’t deal with stolen vehicle repairs or malicious damage. These jobs are tricky and require a lot of extra time, effort and project planning, and many repairers don’t have the systems to handle them.

We can help. Como Panel & Paint have been repairing stolen cars for over 20 years so we have experience with all vehicle types and we know what to look for. Our technicians are on hand to assess every part of your car and we’ll make sure that you get it back exactly the way it was.

  1. Inspection : We inspect the car with you. We want to know what happened to your car!
  2. Cleaning : Stolen vehicles need to be cleaned properly and checked for hazards like sharps.
  3. Mechanical : Our technicians will conduct a thorough mechanical inspection of your vehicle.
  4. Wheel alignment : We check your wheel alignment to make sure your car will drive safely.
  5. Estimate & Insurance : We produce an estimate for your insurer and help lodge your claim.
  6. Repair : Our technicians repair all theft-related damage.
  7. Keys : We replace your keys and, if necessary, we reset your car’s BCM to make sure your stolen keys can’t be used anymore.
  8. Care : We treat your car like one of our own! We’ll make sure you get perfect repairs and that your vehicle is exactly the way you remember it before we send you on your way.

Please call us to arrange an appointment. If your car can’t be driven, we can arrange towing straight to our yard.