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Complete Care and Repair for your car.

Como Panel & Paint are respected industry-wide for excellence in smash repairs. Perth-based for over 40 years, we have experience with almost every type of car and every type of vehicle damage. Our workshop team make use of the latest technology to provide a repair service which goes beyond simple panel and paint work to mechanical and electrical jobs you’d normally have to take all over town to different specialists.

We also specialise in mechanical repairs, stolen vehicle repairs and malicious damage, which most other smash repairers don’t handle. Has your aircon stopped working after you had a prang? Have you hit a kerb and think you’ve damaged something? Had an accident and not sure if the brakes still work properly? And can your stolen keys still be used on your car?

Como Panel & Paint can answer these questions for you and we have the expertise to assess, quote and carry out all repairs on-site.


Our Complete Car and Repair services include:


Panel and Paint repairs


Mirrors, badges, wipers and aerials


Windscreens and glass


Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR)

Including hail damage


Road Testing

Road testing

Tyre Balancing

Tyre balancing

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments

Salvage valuations

Salvage valuations

Bumpers headlights

Bumpers and Headlights

Plastic or fibreglass
Door locks

Door locks

Air conditioning

wash and vacuum

Wash and vacuum

Wheel Alignments






To return vehicles to pre-claim/accident condition

Mechanical inspections and reports

By on-site mechanics for all parts ordering and repairs
keys and handpieces

Keys and hand pieces replaced

Leather and trim repairs

Leather and trim repairs

Dash and console

Dash and console repairs and replacements



oil change

Oil change


Brake glazing and repairs

BCM resets

Body Control Module (BCM) resets

To ensure your stolen keys can't be used to take your car again